Prosperity and growth is the utmost vision and goal of almost every business. However, achieving this goal isn’t an easy task, especially amid tough economic conditions that surround almost every business.

What you need is a solid plan, which you can execute to expand your business. Given below are the five of such strategies that are capable of taking your business to new heights.

Enlarge your Customer Base

Expanding your existing customer base is a perfect way to grow your business. You should work on finding new ways to penetrating deeper into your prevailing customer circle. To do this, you can try market segmentation analysis.

This will allow you to identify those segments, which are more likely to accept your products. Hence, you can target those segments through vigilant and relevant marketing strategies.

Introduce a new Product or Service

Although it appears to be a simple strategy, executing it may turn out to be quite challenging. At first, you need to do some research with a view to know what the customers want.

After that, you have to ascertain how much they can pay for such a product or service. The last step is to analyze the feasibility of manufacturing a new product and its profit ratio.

Target new Territories

If you want to expand your business, you should think about reaching a wider audience. This means you must target customer outside your territorial limits. By following this strategy, you can sell your products to a new range of customers. One of our clients, Peak Health (, is a doctor/chiropractor/stem cell clinic. They started in Kissimmee, FL. When the realized the market was 4xs greater in Orlando, they opened up an office to increase the size of their reach.

Utilize Latest Sales Channels

By following the old school sales strategies, it is not possible to face the competition. For instance, almost every successful business has an online presence. In fact, using the internet for promoting your business is the best way to connect to new buyers and increase sales.

You can use new and effective marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social media platforms give you an opportunity to reach your target audience. Most of the new and existing businesses dedicate a specific budget for digital marketing.

It is a viable method to grow customer base through increased brand authority and exposure. Companies have literally overhauled their business models to gain these online opportunities. In fact, almost every renowned business is offering an online store with a view to facilitating its customers.

Think about a merger or acquiring another Business

Although it seems to be a less impressive strategy, it is the fastest and easiest method of expanding your business. You can merge with another business or try acquiring another business. By doing so, you can immediately double the size of your existing business.

You will have more customers, sales, and revenue. However, prior to going into a merger or acquiring another business, you need to be careful and vigilant. Look at the statistics of such a business like annual sales, customer base, the total strength of employees, and location of the production facility.


Growing a business requires your time, efforts and patience. Therefore, if something isn’t working, don’t lose hope and try analyzing the causes of slow growth. According to most of the business gurus, the moment when you stepped back—was the time when you were close to success.