If you are in a mood to join the freelancing community and find ideal work, you need to move in the right direction. We all know that freelancing has its own perks and the ease of marketing your skills/services is one of them. This is what online freelancing platforms do.

Most of these websites offer different jobs depending on the qualifications and expertise of the freelancers. Choosing the right platform is more than essential, as without keeping this aspect in mind, you can end up wasting your time and effort.

To assist you in this regard, we have compiled a list of the best online platforms for freelancers. By going through this article, you can learn about the key features of such platforms.


Fiverr is one of the leading platforms for freelancers, which helps them to get started with their freelancing career. The list of services that freelancers can offer is exhaustive. The skill sets include writing, graphic designing, programming, etc.

It works in a way where the freelancers market their services by creating their gigs. The level of exposure is massive, as clients around the world use this platform to hire freelancers. Since it’s a freelancing platform, you can set your own work hours and earn as much as you can.


Upwork is a renowned freelancing platform, boasting to own largest job searchers pool. It’s a great place to market your skills and services. In addition, the rates are highly competitive and jobs are plentiful. This platform serves as an effective way to link buyers to the sellers.

Upwork lets you find the best jobs and work with legitimate employees. The sign up is free and the interface is also user friendly. Besides, the payment methods are secure and hassle-free.


Freelanceer.com is a popular crowdsourcing and services marketplace. Freelancers love this platform, as it allows them to market their services in a simple and hassle-free manner. It supports technical, creative and other professional services.

Freelancers can bid on different projects in accordance with their skills. This platform offers a wide range of jobs including writing, software development, data entry, marketing, graphic designing, accounting, etc.


PeoplePerHour is another freelancing platform, allowing professionals to find relevant work from anywhere around the world. However, you must have some skills and expertise to sell. This platform optimizes the way freelancers connect with their clients.

PeoplePerHour offers a variety of tools, necessary to perform different freelancing tasks. The best features of this platform include in-app messaging, proposal viewing, invoicing, and account management.


Guru.com offers a simple and effective platform to the freelancers around the world. It allows job seekers to find a project that suits their qualifications and skill set. Skilled people can work with companies from all over the world.

There is a vast selection of categories to choose from, which allows the freelancers to apply for a relevant job. Furthermore, the communication between the seller and the employer is secure and protected. It also offers a powerful dashboard, facilitating users with multiple solutions.